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This tutorial is about how to check whatsapp status without letting them know.

This tips is new one 2019 released and works on all android phone models.

If you’re using the ios iphone you can verify,if this same option is available or not.

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By using this method you can see anyone’s whatsapp story like that whatsapp profile picture/whatsapp dp and whatsapp messages on secretly/without knowing them.

Also view whatsapp status without opening it and watch status on without save number.

This video works all languages like that tamil,hindi,malayalam,telugu also.


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how to see someone’s whatsapp status without them knowing :

1.By using this new whatsapp trick you can view whatsapp status without person knowing or without being seen.

2.Just open your whatsapp messenger then click 3 dot icon and goto “settings” – Account.

Whatsapp Status :   💝 New WhatsApp Status 2019💝💝💝SR Feeling

3.In this account settings you can goto “Privacy”.

4.Finally here you can locate that “Read receipts” and click to disable/untick that option.

5.Because by using this option you can view whatsapp status without notifying/without being noticed.



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